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Back In The Saddle

Well, my vacation is over. It was longer than I expected, owing to some unexpected late night adventures with friends and some much needed time spent with my wife. Today, though, I finally got back to writing, and it felt good. It was comfortable, easy, and fun.

I think for now, what I’m most excited about is that the hard part is over. At least the initial hard part is over. I’ve spent the last three weeks focusing on that first goal: fifty thousand words. Once I reached it, there was definitely a time to celebrate, much like every NaNoWriMo winner does. The difference is, though, that I’m not really finished. I reached the first major milestone, but the next leg of the race is longer and harder.

Conservative estimates put the total length of my novel at about 125,000 words, or about 400 or so typed pages. We’ll see for sure when the story is finished, but if I keep on the current pace in the story, that estimate should turn out to be pretty accurate. At the moment, that means I have more in front of me than I do behind. That’s a short-term challenge, however, as I’m now less than 10k words from the halfway point, after my work today. I know that it will be difficult, but I plan to push through and hit 75k by the end of the month. That’s going to require more consistent dedication over the next few days than I’ve averaged to this point, but I feel like I’m ready for it. It’s less than two hours a day, at least, which is better than a part time job.

At any rate, I’m back to work. I’m putting my face back down, and this time, I’m not looking up until I get to ‘The End.’ Or at least until I get to ‘To Be Continued…’

Should be done with that before Christmas Day, and I’m really hoping for a huge celebration then, because I won’t have just written fifty thousand words. I’ll have finished my novel’s first draft.