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New Directions

I’m not sure what I’m doing.  I’ll have to be honest about that.  I finished what I thought was chapter ten on Thursday.  On Friday, I sat down to start chapter eleven, which is a meeting between my protagonist and the primary supporting character for the entire novel and into the next two books after.  As I tried to think about how I wanted this to happen, I realized something pretty awful.  My second character was going to be more than a supporting role.  She was an outright second protagonist.

When you’re writing a novel, you should probably have your protagonists introduced before chapter eleven.  It doesn’t always have to work that way, but as a general rule, it’s probably a good idea.  Long story short (or rather short story longer), my main plot is on hold for the next several days as I write out seven chapters or so for my second protagonist.  I’m about done with the second chapter for her, and I realize that she is a much rounder character than I thought she would be.  I very much like her spunk and charm, and I’m looking forward to how she interacts with my first protagonist.

On top of all of this, I only wrote three hundred words yesterday.  Because I did not finish the minimum there was no blog post.  To make up for it, I’ve already cranked out 2700 today with probably 1500 more coming this evening.  I do not feel any guilt for taking most of yesterday off, though, for two reasons.  One, I did write for a solid twenty minutes.  That may not seem like much, but I feel better about that fact that I at least did something.  Second, I spent the whole evening with my wife, away from my computer.  And, since Ashley is the reason I’m willing to work so hard to finish this novel, I think she deserves to get her fair share of my time as well.  I wouldn’t be doing this without her support, after all, and I think she needs to know how much I appreciate that, from time to time.

I did also work a ten-hour shift and we spent some time with some of our best friends.  So, in all, even with the piddlingly low word count, I feel like Monday was a success.  Also, I pushed past the 40k mark this afternoon, which makes today a success too.  To be fair, I feel like every day this month has brought success with it, and I really like the feeling.

All right, back to work.  My characters, try as they might, will not save the world without my help.