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A Few Choice Nuggets

I don’t really want to share the whole novel on this blog, for a number of reasons.  However, as I progress through, I’ll post a few choice snippets that I enjoyed writing throughout the day.  Here are today’s winners:

A wolf had crept up, unnoticed behind the herd, and waited. And, as Andrin turned his back, the wolf leapt, breaking the neck of the smallest fawn as it landed.  The crunching sound itself was disconcerting, but Andrin knew that was just the way the world was.  The strong always prey on the weak, and if you weren’t going to be the strong one, the best you could do was to not be the weakest.

A few years back, one captain had got it in his head that Andrin was only playing at his skill, wasn’t really an Elementar.  That captain was good with his knives.  Andrin was faster with his fingers.  He was told afterward that the captain’s hands had to be removed surgically.  The metal blades had melted right through his skin and attached themselves to the bone.

“You’re a bloody coward, Earik, you know that? You could have taken a job. You could have left, gone to the country. You could have done anything you wanted, and gotten out of this hole, but instead, you sent your wife to beg for scraps from the table of a man you despise, and now I get sent over here to clean up after you.”

I’m already enjoying myself immensely, and I’m closing out day one with a word count of a whopping 3,587 – more than double the daily quota.  It’s a good start, and, as I have the next two days off, I think I can hit a clean 12,000 by Wednesday evening.  Wish me luck!