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Things Are Happening

I’m really excited about two things today, but first, an admission.

I only wrote 1,700 words today.

But, David, I hear you protesting, that number is actually more than what you need every day to finish NaNoWriMo.  You would be absolutely correct.  And, if my goal was just one of cranking out a mere fifty thousand words and calling it a month, I’m sure I’d be happy with my result for the day.  But the truth is, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this far if that was my goal.

I had time today.  Work was slow, and there was little keeping me from my writing except for my own distraction.  I came up with many reasons why I wasn’t able to write.  I couldn’t focus, always expecting a call to ring in at any moment, but later in the day, I easily had 15 minutes between calls.  I could have done several 5-10 minute surges throughout the day, and probably added an extra two thousand words on top of what I got.

But, that didn’t happen, and I am where I am.

Of the writing I did finish though, I am very happy.  First, because I sat down to write, and I had no idea what to do.  Suddenly, I had this flash.  I wrote a 1000 word dream sequence that not only helped to move the story along, it helped me to flesh out some things I’m working on psychologically with my protagonist.  That was a big step for me, and I’m pumped about it.

The next thing I’m so happy about is this: things are actually happening in my book.  I felt for the first few chapters that I was doing a lot of set-up.  Set-up is important, too, believe me, when you’re introducing a new world and magic and strange technologies and trying to get your readers caught up on the history of the place while still leaving them scratching their heads enough to want to keep reading.  From a plot perspective, though, it’s sort of dull.  A few things happen here and there, but they are very static.  For the first time, now that I’m into the fifth chapter, I feel like I’ve got things moving along, and I’m hoping the carry on at a steady clip right through to the climax of the novel.

As I write, I notice things here and there that I want to improve, and I don’t just mean for this particular novel.  I feel like I have a very strong grasp of characterization and plotting.  I know how to write dialogue, and I can keep the story moving forward.  What I’m not so great at, though, is description and setting the right atmosphere.  I’m not taking notes, because I don’t want to give my inner editor any kind of foothold during my first draft, but I know that’s going to be an area of emphasis during my first rewrite and probably into my second.  I feel good that I recognize those as future steps in the process, though, because it helps me to visualize the entire journey from inception to completion of this novel.

I’m almost 50% ahead of schedule.  I should be at 10,000 words today, and I’m closing in on fifteen.  I might take an extra twenty minutes or so later today and just finish that up.